stride rite history

The Early Years

In 1892, Jacob A. Slosberg (J.A.) was 17 years old and working for the John M. Noyes Company, a shoe manufacturer in Lynn, Massachusetts. When he saved enough money, he and his business partner, Philip Green, founded the Green Shoe Manufacturing Company. They set up shop in a converted stable in Boston in 1919. In 1933, Green Shoe purchased the name Stride Rite from a former children's shoe manufacturer.

Mid - Late 1900's

Throughout the 70s, Stride Rite maintained the position as the leading manufacturer of quality children's footwear. The company saw significant changes taking place in the shoe industry and found a new opportunity for growth. In 1972, Stride Rite opened its first company-owned retail store, bringing more than 60 years of experience and expertise in children's shoes to the public.

For J.A., his 60 years in the shoe industry earned him the distinction as one of the deans of American shoemaking. When he died in September 1953 at age 78, the company was passed on to his sons, Sam and Charles, and his son-in-law, Martin Landay. Sam, Charles and Martin learned the shoe business from the master craftsman and carried on his legacy, philosophies, ideals, and his commitment to producing quality footwear.

Under their leadership, Sam, Charles and Martin guided Green Shoe toward the future while remaining faithful to the Slosberg tradition. Together, they explored possibilities for expansion, new manufacturing techniques, production methods, efficient warehousing, and improved quality control. Stride Rite was building an internationally recognized name for itself a name that stood for quality.


Stride Rite's rich, deep heritage is found in every shoe. Nowhere is this more evident than in The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) grant of its Seal of Acceptance to several styles of Stride Rite's baby shoes, the first baby shoes in the industry to carry the Seal.

Stride Rite has remained committed to providing the best fitting shoes for children. The entire collection, every single shoe, is created from an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how children walk and grow. Stride Rite studies have led to important breakthroughs and new technologies in children's footwear.

So whether children are taking their first steps or are off and running, Stride Rite understands the significance of every step and will continue to innovate and provide the most advanced children's footwear.

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