girls' shoes.

shoes for little girls

The perfect combination of good looks, durability and comfort – girls' shoes from Stride Rite make it easy for your little one to put her best foot forward. Read More

Shoes for little girls and big girls have to jump through a lot of hoops to meet your standards. They need to be stylish, but it isn't enough to be cute. They also need to stand up to all the abuse those little feet put them through. Even if they are cute and tough, you want more. They also have to fit well, so your baby girl can wear them without pain or discomfort.

The shoe designers at Stride Rite are committed to meeting all the expectations of little ladies and mommies like you. Our big girls' shoes, little girls' shoes and slippers for girls stand out from the sea of children's shoes you have to choose from. With a range of machine-washable shoes and sandals, baby shoes made for first steps, and water-ready shoes made for land and sea, you can find quality designs for every occasion.

machine-washable girls' shoes

Kids are messy. Little girls are messy. Since it's a fact of life, you might as well learn to deal with it. Our line of Made2play® shoes for girls is machine washable, which means she can walk through all sorts of nasty stuff without permanently ruining her kicks. Whatever mud, dirt or other messes your girl gets into, just toss her shoes into the washing machine afterward, and they'll be ready for the next adventure in no time.

sandals for girls

Warm weather may make her want to tear off all her clothes and soak up the sun. But sometimes clothing is required, especially to protect her tender feet. We offer sandals for girls in a wide range of styles to fit all sorts of situations. Find dressy, strappy sandals with leather straps in classic white and trendy metallic colors, plus washable Made2Play® sneaker-sandals and quick-drying girls' water shoes that can protect her feet through sand, sea and mud.

soft motion shoes for her first steps

It can take some encouragement to get your baby girl to wear her first pair of shoes. Our Soft Motion™ shoes for baby girls help make the transition from barefooted freedom to covered toes a bit more comfortable. Each Soft Motion shoe is designed to encourage natural movement and proper foot development. They are flexible yet form-fitting, with seamless linings and flexible, lightweight rubber outsoles. Feet sit low to the ground for protection that doesn't compromise sensory input.

safe shoes for little girls

Of course, our shoes could be the coolest in the world and you would still have at least one serious question – are they safe for your little girl?

Our answer – an enthusiastic, "Yes!"

We have been a top provider of kid's shoes since 1919. The safety of our products is of paramount importance to us, which is why each of our shoe designs goes through a rigorous teardown process that checks every single component for safety. That means you can always put your daughter in a pair of Stride Rite shoes with confidence.