boots for kids

Kids’ boots from Stride Rite incorporate all of our cutting-edge technologies to protect your child’s feet, encourage balance and stand up to hard use.

Bring on the rain, the snow, the cold – and even the special occasions. Our kids' boots are designed to support your little one at every stage in their development, from his or her first steps through all the new trails they blaze. Read More

boots for every occasion and adventure

At Stride Rite, you can find boot designs to suit both indoor and outdoor needs. We have cute, fashionable boots that will go perfectly with your little one’s nicest outfits, plus rugged boot designs that are water-resistant and ready to tackle tough outdoor conditions like rain and snow. Many of our kids' boots are ideal for casual and sporty wear, as well. Whatever the situation, we have a pair of boots that will fit perfectly.

boots for baby boys and girls

Barefoot is best, but sometimes it’s not an option. Our Soft Motion™ boots are designed to make the transition from barefoot to wearing shoes as easy as possible. Baby girls and boys can take their first steps in comfort in our soft, flexible, lightweight boots for babies. Each boot is carefully made to encourage natural foot development, while still providing much-needed protection. Soft Motion soles keep your baby’s feet close to the ground – they're thin enough to deliver tactile sensation important for muscle development, but thick enough to shield tender feet.

boots for kids' learning to walk

It can seem like kids go from crawling to walking to jumping and climbing in the blink of an eye, but there's a learning curve. Our SRtech™ boots are designed to ease that learning curve, picking up where Soft Motion™ leaves off. By incorporating sensory pods that preserve the connection between a kid's feet and the ground, these shoes encourage coordination and balance and give your little whirlwind an extra boost on the journey from toddler to confident walker. Lightweight and flexible, rubber outsoles with multi-directional treads let kids change direction quickly and easily. We’ve also rounded the heel and the edges to minimize trips and snags and mimic the natural shape of kids' feet.

machine-washable kids' boots

Once kids gain mobility, you can expect them to trek through all kinds of messes. Our Made2Play® boots were designed to stand up to those messes and the cleaning that comes after. These shoes can be thrown in the washing machine dirty and are designed to come out clean and intact, ready for the next adventure.

safe boots you and your kids can depend on

Since 1919, we have matched our desire to make comfortable, functional kids’ footwear with a commitment to safety. All of our kids' boots and shoes go through a rigorous teardown process to ensure all the materials and constructions are durable and safe for kids. Each design is pulled apart and carefully examined by experts to verify that it meets our stringent safety requirements. When buying from Stride Rite, you can rest assured that your little boy or little girl’s boots are made from kid-safe materials.