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Use one of the following methods to find your child's foot measurements, then enter their measurements into the fields below to find their perfect fit!


printable size guide

what you’ll need









shoelace (optional)



credit card (for scaling)

credit card

(for scaling)

step 1
print our size guide
Download the guide. Find a printer, and set the scale to 100 percent. In your printer preferences, uncheck "page scaling." After the page prints, double check the scale by fitting a credit card into the sizing area. If it aligns, you're good to go.
step 2
set up your space
Following the dotted lines, cut out the length ruler and width ruler from the size guide. Table the length guide to a hard floor (so it doesn't move when your kid stands on it), with the curved line flush against a wall. Set aside the width ruler for later.
step 3
measure length
Place the right (and the left) foot on the length ruler, aligning their heel with the curved line. Double check that their heel is touching the wall. On the size guide, mark the first visible line past their big toe with a pencil and then note the length measurement in the space provided on the guide. Make sure you record the length and width measurements in the appropriate space, depending on whether you're measuring the right or left foot!
step 4
measure circumference
With your child standing up straight, slip the width ruler under one foot and wrap it all the way around the ball, or the widest party. With the ruler wrapped closely around the foot (but not tight), mark the area of the ruler that meets the "align here" arrows with a pencil. Find the number of the width ruler that matches their length measurement and aligns with the mark you made on the ruler.
alternate method — measure with shoelace
First, wrap the shoelace around the widest part of their foot. Mark the spot on the shoelace that meets the end you're holding. Then, place the end of the shoelace at the "align here" arrow line, and locate the width that matches the mark you made and their length measurement.
step 5
find their perfect size
Enter measurements below in our size finder to find their size!

trace their feet

what you’ll need









step 1
trace both feet:
Have your child stand bare foot on the sheet of paper - you may need a helper to keep them standing straight! Using the marker, trace the outline of both feet. Repeat this step if necessary to ensure accuracy.
step 2
measure length
Use the ruler to measure from the outside of the heel to the tip of the big toe on both feet. Write the number down in centimeters, and label it as length. Remember - many kids' feet are differently sizes as they grow. Measure each foot separately to find a size that's sure to fit both!
step 3
measure circumference
Wrap the ribbon around the widest part of one foot, noting where the two ends meet. Measure the part of the ribbon that wrapped around their foot against the ruler. Record that number as width. Repeat for the other foot.
step 4
find their perfect size
Enter measurements below in our size finder to find their size!

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measurement FAQs

How to get help measuring

To get the most accurate measurement of your kids' feet, your best option is to visit a Stride Rite location near you. Our Stride Rite Fit Experts have been trained to measure children's feet accurately, even if they squirm or lose focus.

Our employees use a special measuring instrument called the Brannock Device, which guarantees the correct length and width.

Babies and toddlers can't tell you if their shoes are uncomfortable. With the help of a Stride Rite employee, you can ensure their footwear is perfectly sized.

Kids’ shoe sizing tips and advice

Kids' shoe sizes can be confusing to navigate. Unlike clothing sizes, your child's shoe size doesn't correspond to their age, unless they're a baby. Baby shoes are listed by age in month. However, you should still measure their feet, since some little ones grow faster than others!

Once your child graduates into kid-size shoes, the sizing system switches to numbers. Sizes 3.5 to 10 are considered little kid shoes. From Size 10.5 onward, you're into big kid sizes. When your big kid outgrows their size 13.5 kids' shoes, the system changes again to adult sizing, and you'll be shopping for a pair of size 1's.

How often to measure kids’ feet

Did you know that children's feet can grow half a size every 2 to 4 months? While this average varies depending on age, you should measure your kid's feet every two months to ensure their shoes are fitting well.

Read our FAQ to learn all about how kids' feet grow and the kind of shoes you need to support their healthy development.

What to do if your kid is between sizes

If your child is between sizes or one foot is bigger than the other, always buy the bigger size. You don't want either foot to be cramped or squished inside their shoes.

Stress-free shopping

To avoid shopping headaches, keep referring to our kids shoe size guide. Regardless of age, Stride Rite shoe sizes are always measured according to the current length and width of your kid's feet.

Checking the fit

Got the right size? Use our fit guide to learn more about fitting kids' shoes and how to make sure those small, growing feet are properly protected.

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Size Charts

Shoes & Socks

Little Kids

length circumference
size(US) cm M W XW
1 9.1 11.4 n/a n/a
2 3-6 months 9.9 12.1 n/a n/a
3 6-9 months 10.8 12.1 12.7 13.2
3.5 11.2 12.4 13.0 13.5
4 9-12 months 11.6 12.7 13.3 13.8
4.5 12.0 13.0 13.7 14.1
5 12.5 13.3 14.0 14.4
5.5 12.9 13.7 14.3 14.8
6 13.3 14.0 14.6 15.1
6.5 13.7 14.3 14.9 15.4
7 14.1 14.6 15.2 15.7
7.5 14.6 14.9 15.6 16.0
8 15.0 15.2 15.9 16.4
8.5 15.4 15.6 16.2 16.7
9 15.8 15.9 16.5 17.0
9.5 16.3 16.2 16.8 17.3
10 16.7 16.5 17.1 17.6

Big Kids

length circumference
size(US) cm M W XW
10.5 17.1 16.8 17.5 17.9
11 17.5 17.1 17.8 18.3
11.5 18.0 17.5 18.1 18.6
12 18.4 17.8 18.4 18.9
12.5 18.8 18.1 18.7 19.2
13 19.2 18.4 19.1 19.5
13.5 19.6 18.7 19.4 19.8
1 20.1 19.1 19.7 20.2
1.5 20.5 19.4 20.0 20.5
2 20.9 19.7 20.3 20.8
2.5 21.3 20.0 20.6 21.1
3 21.8 20.3 21.0 21.4
3.5 22.2 20.6 21.3 21.7
4 22.6 21.0 21.6 22.1
4.5 23.0 21.3 21.9 22.4
5 23.5 21.6 22.2 22.7
5.5 23.9 21.9 22.5 23.0
6 24.3 22.2 22.9 23.3
6.5 24.7 22.5 23.2 23.7
7 25.1 22.9 23.5 24.0