LED footwear is fun, shiny and a little bit magical! Plus, with such cool shoes on their feet, your little kiddo will feel ready to rule the playground.

cool, comfortable and ready for anything

When you walk into a footwear store with your child, they probably make a beeline straight for the light-up shoes. After all, LED footwear is fun, shiny and a little bit magical! Plus, with such cool shoes on their feet, your little kiddo will feel ready to rule the playground.

We not only make our LED shoes with fun in mind, we keep high-quality construction that considers the actual shape and developmental needs of your childs feet.

The best light-up shoes have three qualities:

1. they look cool
2. they're comfy and safe
3. they're ready for whatever your kid puts them through – including the washing machine.

stride rite light-up shoes

Stride Rite light-up shoes give kids the style they want, along with the function and comfort they need to walk, run and play in total safety. Plus, all of our Made2Play LED shoes are 100% machine-washable, standing up to whatever you put them through.

anatomy of a light-up shoe


Made from premium leathers or lightweight fabrics, the upper of your kid’s Stride Rite shoes offers optimal breathability. In light-up models where wiring runs through this part of the shoe, it's carefully positioned so that your child can’t feel it.


The bottoms, or outsoles, of our light-up shoes are made from high-quality rubber to maximize traction, balance and help reduce slips. LED lights and battery packs are placed inside the outsole to create the bright lights your kid loves.


The sock is the footbed of the shoe. in stride rite footwear, it’s made from memory foam to mold perfectly to your kid’s feet. Like the lining, the sock receives an antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor.


The lining inside Stride Rite light-up shoes is seamless to provide optimal foot comfort and keep any hidden wiring in the upper from touching your little one's tootsies. Our antimicrobial liners offer enhanced odor control by limiting the growth of bacteria.

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more about LED shoes

Construction process

For a dazzling sparkle that doesn't quit, the battery in our standard light-up shoes sits in the shoe’s outsole. Depending on the model, the wiring sometimes runs through the outsole and the upper, but it never comes into contact with your child’s feet.

If you’ve picked up an M2P light-up shoe, the construction process is very similar to our other light-up shoes. But, since these models are machine-washable and waterproof, their lighted units are fully sealed inside the outsole to prevent the risk of water damage. Even after many washings or an all-day swim-a-thon, our M2P LED units won’t lose their luster.

Light-up shoe safety

You want shoes that keep your child safe, and your child wants light-up shoes that never lose their sparkle. Stride Rite’s light-up shoes are guaranteed to do both. Our shoes undergo vigorous safety and wear testing before they ever reach stores. As part of our commitment to only using high-quality materials, the LED units are always purchased from reputable, safety-conscious suppliers.

To keep our light-up shoes sparkling, we use LED lights that last up to 500,000 activations. That means our light-up shoes will keep on shining through all the play dates, recesses, nature hikes, games of tag and any other activity your little one wants to take on in style. With such long-lasting lights, most kids will outgrow their favorite shoes long before the lights go out.

Of course, when there are light-up components in your child's shoes, it's about more than longevity. You want to make sure your kid's feet are never exposed to hazardous materials. The product designers at Stride Rite stress test all of our shoe designs with wiring or light strips in the soles. We flex the sole 300,000 times to make sure the components stay safe and secure with every step.

How we make waterproof light-up shoes

To ensure Stride Rite’s M2P Lighted shoes can survive an impromptu puddle jump and a spin through the washing machine afterward, our designers fully encapsulate the lighted unit inside the outsole, where no water can reach it. Our pool-ready Phibian light-up water shoes use the same waterproofing technology.

Beyond the safety of their flashing components, our Phibian line of light-up water shoes also includes durable rubber outsoles for plenty of traction on wet, slippery surfaces, plus breathable mesh and other easy-to-clean materials that dry fast for all-day comfort by the beach, at the pool or in any other wet and wild place!

Making your kid’s dreams come true

It’s no secret that kids of all ages love light-up shoes. That’s why Stride Rite carries LED shoes for girls and boys of every age, whether they’re a confident big kid or just getting their first pair of little kid shoes.

Designed with children and parents in mind, we have brightly colored sneakers and character-themed designs that little ones love. For more formal occasions that still call for a little flash, we also have LED shoes in neutral shades and styles that are all business up top and all party on the bottom!

If you care about style and safety, there's no question of where to buy light-up shoes for kids. Find your little one's new favorite pair of light-up sneakers in our full collection of Lighted shoes online, or find a Stride Rite store near you today!

first steps


The perfect combination of flexibility, comfort and protection help little ones crawl and eventually take their first steps.

Our prewalker shoes have soft gel outsoles that are ultra lightweight and fit the foot's natural shape to help improve balance and movement.

Soft motion

Built for wobbly cruisers and walkers ready to explore the living room and beyond on two feet.

Our SoftMotionTM shoes are designed to encourage natural movement and be the healthiest shoes for your baby's foot.