Kids' Washable Shoe Guide

Your favorite little wrecking ball won't be stopped – and now, they don't have to be! Let your kid jump in all the rain puddles, get stuck in the mud, and tear through all the dirt roads they can find in quality, machine washable shoes that are made to keep up with them and your washing machine.

Kids will always be messy, but their shoes don't have to be. Instead of ordinary shoes that can be ruined in just a few hours of rough and tumble playtime, stock up on some durable, machine washable shoes from Stride Rite!

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We offer washable shoes in a range of styles and designs to suit every messy situation your little one could get into. Whatever style you choose, the best washable kids’ shoes all have three awesome qualities:

  1. Quick and easy to clean
  2. Kid-focused comfort for all-day play
  3. Durable designs that can withstand wash after wash

Inspired by real life, our Stride Rite Made2Play® (M2P) washable shoe collection is your secret weapon against all those floor scuffs, muddy footprints, and dusty trails you're so used to cleaning up after. Now when your little one gets down and dirty, you can simply toss their shoes into the washer!

Play, wash and repeat. It’s really that easy. Plus, with durable constructions and quality fabrics, our machine-washable shoes for kids always provide safe, clean and comfortable wear for tiny feet on the move.

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What goes into our Made2Play washable shoes?

Since 1919, we’ve designed innovative children's footwear based on current trends and the latest knowledge behind healthy foot development. Stride Rite shoes do more than look great – they help build strength, coordination and confidence throughout every step of childhood.

The anatomy of a machine washable shoe.

Every element of our washable shoes is durable enough to handle the most energetic toddlers, the biggest messes and the most menacing washing machines. With innovative constructions and quality materials, you can laugh it off when your child stomps through the mud (again). You'll smile knowing their shoes can simply be slipped off, washed and ready another day of adventures.

All of our washable shoes include the following four components:


Often made with a combination of mesh and our signature washable leather, M2P uppers keep your kids’ tiny feet comfortable all day. Most of our stylish washable shoes also include scuff-resistant toe protection, so you don’t have to worry about damage to their shoes or their feet while they play in those rugged conditions for hours on end. Look for styles with indestructible, abrasion-resistant polyurethane (PU) casting protection that can stand up to any snag, branch or stumble they encounter.


Our washable shoes include sturdy yet flexible rubber outsoles that provide the powerful traction, with non-marking soles, and kid-friendly support little ones need for serious playtime. Socks sit low to the ground inside lightweight, rounded, premium outsoles to provide the best footing possible for kids learning to take their first steps or next steps.


The lining inside Stride Rite M2P shoes includes breathable technology to keep their toes cool and comfortable, plus an antimicrobial treatment to help reduce odors from hours of play.


Also known as the footbed, this portion of the washable shoe is crafted out of memory foam to ensure maximum comfort. Like our linings, the footbed receives an antimicrobial treatment to reduce unsavory smells between washes.

Construction & testing.

All of our washable shoes for kids are rigorously tested to ensure that the constructions and materials can safely go through the wash and be ready to tackle another day’s chaos, again and again. Using both powder detergents and liquid detergents, we run our shoes through tough washing machines to make sure we see the same results you do. We also control for color fading and material shrinkage, so your child always feels stylish and comfortable – even when they’re getting dirty.

Our M2P collection includes different types of washable shoes to accommodate a range of activities. Each category has a unique construction process to ensure your child stays happy, supported and safe while they play, all while offering you peace of mind that their shoes can get cleaned up again in no time.

Our range of Made2Play shoes include:

M2P light-up shoes

We’ve created the first-ever machine washable light-up shoe! Our M2P light-up shoes feature a fully encapsulated light-up unit to ensure no water can get inside when you run them through the wash. Simply toss them into your washing machine like any of our other M2P washable shoes!

Learn more about the safety-first construction of our light-up shoes.

M2P casual shoes

Created for everyday wear, our washable casual shoes can handle all of life’s daily messes. Casual shoes are constructed with easy hook and loop closures, comfy insoles and lightweight materials to support their growing feet. Find adorable options in trendy and classic designs, including mary janes.

M2P athletic shoes

These comfortable, stylish and washable sneakers are a go-to for walking, jumping, skipping and sprinting through a range of outdoor environments. Quality constructions support natural movement and offer high traction and durability, including scuff-resistant technology to keep their shoes and their toes in tip-top conditions.

M2P sandals

Perfect for warm weather and wet conditions, our washable sandals and water shoes are the ultimate option for summer days spent at the pool, splash park, creek or boardwalk. Slip-proof, wet-dry constructions keep kids steady on their feet when they're walking through water or over slippery rocks, and quick dry technology ensures these sandals are ready for the next adventure after you run them through the wash.

M2P glitter

Our washable glitter shoes have special coating protection to stand up to the rigors of washing. Mesh materials and other textiles have glitter embedded and weaved throughout to prevent fading and avoid leaving pesky glitter bombs on your carpet and floors!

How to wash stride rite washable shoes.

To wash any of our M2P shoes, including our light-up washable sneakers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fasten all hook and loop closures.
  2. Use a clean cloth to wipe off as much caked-on mud or dirt as possible.
  3. Toss the shoes into an empty washer.
  4. Add either liquid or powder detergent.
  5. Wash with cold water on a standard cycle.
  6. Remove and air dry.

That's it!

Washable shoes for every occasion.

With so many washable styles to choose from, it’s easy to find footwear that supports all your little one's favorite messy activities. If you’re ready to keep those floors clean – or, at least, cleaner than usual – shop the washable shoes for toddlers and kids at Stride Rite.

Find supportive, comfortable styles in your little one’s favorite designs to keep both of you happy and prepared for playtime. Read our size guide and fit guide to find the perfect pair for your mini-me, and check out our foot facts and faqs for even more info on the best shoes for growing feet. Then, shop our full collection of washable shoes online or find a Stride Rite store near you today!